Concept 1 of Creation

This study is really focused on enhancing your Clown-thinking through creative continuity … non stop.

We will work through a simple but effective structure during the three weeks of the course; we do not create complete clown routines, but clown anecdotes or examples.

– What is the aim of your clown?
– Does a problem appear through which you cannot realize your objective?
– Find a clown solution to achieve your goal, a totally absurd solution, coming from a clown with a brain of the size of small pea. We count on you to use your talent and originality in finding the solution, for example :

The objective: A clown wants to sing flamenco, wants to be the new “Camarón de la Isla” … he begins to sing a familiar song you’ve heard before … aayyyy deep moans! … aaayyyy !

The problem: He cannot reach the aaaayyyy! with his voice … he doesn’t look anything like a flamenco singer. He is a failure. “Try again,” he thinks, “more insistently” … The result is the same … it doesn’t work. He gradually panics and goes into deep despair. The audience is amused and laughs at him for his failure.

– Don’t give up … he suddenly gets an idea. An idea coming from the clown thinking from within. How can I get the aaaaayyyyy?

The solution: He starts to hurt himself every time more and more until the pain is so strong that his voice sings an enormous aaayyy! A perfect and very flamenco aaaayyyy … although the clown is in a lot of pain he finally achieves his goal and sings flamenco.


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