At Bont's we use the buffoon as a pedagogical tool to find more freedom in acting, a freedom that will better suit and support your clown.

Just as every human being has a hidden Clown, you will also find a hidden Buffoon in everyone. The audience laughs at the Clown because he is naive, good-natured and awkward. But the Buffoon laughs and scoffs at the public because he is cynical and ironic.

The Buffoons, also called fakers, come directly from the nebulous depths of time. Their favorite hobby is to imitate and mock the life of the people around them.

The Buffoon is completely lost in exaggerated extravagance; his strength lies in an area between heaven and earth, at an intersection of an eternal past and the future seen through the lens of cruelty and tragedy.

Buffoons suffer from physical defects and receive abnormal and cruel treatment from others because of these defects. Thus, Buffoons have a need to interact with the world around them by being maladaptive and coarse.

At the same time, behind this madness, the buffoon tells truths that no one would dare express so openly. Truths that will only be tolerated coming from the fakers. They dare to break taboos, be abusive, vulgar and shocking – allowed to do so only because normal people think them fools and do not take them seriously.

Buffoons live together in a organized and different community than ours.

At the end of this 2 week block we will give a presentation in Menorca to radiate this “buffoonesc” spirit.

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