A very enjoyable, playful clown workshop in the history and pedagogy of Bont’s!

Portugal (24/11/2019 – 30/11/2019)

A course for musicians, singers and clowns!
This workshop is open to all levels; it is designed for people who practice and/or want to explore the art of clowns in addition to singing and making music. And also for singers and musicians who wish to develop their Clown.

In 7 days we will travel into the wonderful and magic world of music.
You will explore your clown through music and singing.
How to connect clown and music? How to express your own original and authentic clown thinking in your music and singing creation?
The possibilities are unlimited.

We start with improvisation work in solos, duos, trios, quartets, choirs and orchestras in all different music styles as: classical, pop, opera, jazz, flamenco, blues etc.

After the improvisation work we enter in the creation part.
We try to create genius clown music anecdotes and music numbers.

Also we investigate how to be playful in clown with all the objects and props on stage, as instruments, music stands, microphones, etc.
The last part of the workshop is dedicated to create your own authentic clown instrument and to give your own authentic concert in your own style.

We close the workshop with an “Open class Clown concert” for the audience.

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