It is a course where we will investigate how to gather together two styles of art  in the theater.

The Clown wants to imitate and wants to be a star in the world of musical , but the tragedy of the clown is that he has success where he does not want to have success, namely in his failure   but with his immortal confidence and his absurd solutions he triumphs as well.

In the first week we do an investigation how the clown sees the musical world and how to make the musical clown.

In the second week we will finalize the work aimed at a presentation.

How to shape this presentation depends on the people that participate there and their qualities.

We can make clowns numbers based on real musical numbers solo, duo, group numbers, or create entirely new original numbers, or we can make a musical clown with the group.

The course is dedicated to actors, singers, musicians, dancers and clowns.

In the course we will see many interesting musical videos as inspiration of the clown, also bring your own videos material with you.

Eric de Bont gives clown improvisation and Inge de Peinder prepares the actor, musician, dancer and singer from the musical style.

Inge de Peinder specialized in musical directing and has been Artistic Director of the dance department of the prestigious National Musical Academy of the Netherlands.

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