Eric de Bont and Inge de Peinder (Choreographer of Holland) have been working together for 30 years.

They have given  courses like “Clown & Classical Ballet”, “Clown & Tango”, “Clown & Flamenco”, “Clown &  Modern Dance”, and recently they have developed a course: “Clown & Pina Bausch” based on the choreography of “Cafe Müller”.

This course has been offered five times in different places with great success.

They also worked last year on the theme “Clown & Musical”.

In this specific course: “Clown & Dance”, they offer different kinds of dancing styles and there will be an investigation how to bring every dance-style to clown.

There is space for every student to present their own proposals.

Inge has a lot of knowledge in every kind of dancing style.

It’s a wonderful course and a lot of fun!

At the end of the course there will be a final presentation in front of the public of Menorca.

This is a course for dancers, actors and clowns!