The most enjoyable workshop of the year!!

The starting point of this workshop it is to discover your Clown within the realm of music and singing.

In this course Clowns will sing and make music in different constellations: solos, duos, trios, quartets, choirs, light orchestras, big jazz bands, brass bands, etc…, and in different styles: classical, pop, opera, jazz, flamenco etc.  The combinations of singing and making music are infinite.

– What is the special ‘colour’ of your Clown when he or she sings or dances?

– What is your clown´s favourite musical instrument?

This workshop is open to all levels; it is designed for people who practice and/or want to explore the art of clowns in addition to singing and making music. And also for singers and musicians who wish to develop their Clown.

The final presentation will be a concert open to the public consisting of different musical routines or, an open class Masterclass in the school theater for the public of Menorca.


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