The most important objective in the study of Clowns at BONT´s is trying to discover in yourself an inner realm of great humanity, which is the heart and spirit of a real Clown. It starts with everyone’s “personal baggage”: expression, appearance, movement, gestures, peculiarities, voice, fantasy, humor, inner madness, sensibility, rhythm and timing. We start with your own originality and then search for your own unique Clown that can move people to laugh and cry.

In this course we invite you to open yourself up, put your heart and soul on stage, be vulnerable, transparent and deeply emotional. Not ACTING like Clown but BEING a Clown!

It is very honest, and very brave, for anyone to enter on to this path and discover the essence of real Clown work.

We’ll travel together in the following way:


– Training to stimulate your alertness, readiness, lightness, presence, timing, rhythm and comfortableness on stage.

– Training to make you aware of your physical possibilities and limitations.

– Training to stimulate your (sense of) freedom and to have fun playing.

– Voice expression.

– Singing and music making.

– Communication with the audience. What do you really share with the audience? Ping-Pong! – Look and see.

– Finding the balance between your interior and exterior self.


– Learning to think and act as a Clown consisting of the following elements: imitation, boasting, curiosity, naiveté, surprise, admiration, vocabulary, taking things literally, relationship to authority and the poetry of a Clown.

– Improvisation: individually, in duos/trios and with the whole group.

– Clown choirs and Clown orchestras.

– Clown combat (duels).

– And in the end creating your own Clown routine.

In the beginning you will only be using a red nose. During the course we will try to find a fitting and suitable clown costume.

Every Monday there will be presentations privately, within the group or in public.

Each course ends with a “Clown Night” show, consisting of personal clown routines, ore a “Open Class”, open to the public.

After the Basic Clown you can continue in Clown Creation!

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