07-13/12/2020 (7 Days)
This is a new study in BONT’s International Clown School!
BONT’s is investigating this issue deeply and developing a total new way in the art of clown.
One of the focuses in BONT’s pedagogy has always been how to translate small or great human tragedies into the language of clown. It is a huge challenge in creating. How to transform your personal “tragedies” in anecdotes, routines or clown shows.
A course for courageous explorers in the world of Clown!
A study for people:
– who deeply love the real Clown
– who are not afraid to work with strong, sensitive and confrontational themes
– who want to create
– who want to place his or her soul in the most transparent and vulnerable state possible: where emotions flow, without limitation.
In 7 days we will travel into the mysteries of human being and human tragedy. The work of Clown & Human tragedy gives an extra dimension to your clown.
With every human tragedy we can create a Clown performance and it is a tremendous adventure for both student and teacher.
It is an amazing challenge to train your Clown-thinking and bring your personal Clown to another, deeper level. The poetic quality of your Clown grows and can really touch your audience to the bottom of their hearts. Make the audience laugh, cry, or possibly even both at the same time.
The clown tells us his tragedy and then puts a mirror in front of us; uncovering the reality that we are really laughing and crying about our own tragedies.
The tragedies in life that we recognize so clearly.
-You can work out of tragedies from your own childhood, adolescence or adulthood.
-You can touch any kind of small or large tragedy.
Some examples:
– I am invisible in this life, no one sees me.
– I want to be in love or have a partner but it doesn’t happen.
– I killed everything I love.
– I want to give my heart but I’m afraid that I will get hurt.
– I have a wish to get pregnant but I can’t find the father of my child.
– I am separated and my child wants to live with his/her father.
– I don’t know how to say “I love you mom”.
– Always making my decisions from fear of what others will say about me.
– I have an addiction and I can’t escape it.
etc, etc
We can also find human tragedies in big Life-themes like death, love, God, sex, loneliness, not being acknowledged, all kinds of relationships, broken dreams, unfulfilled desires, failures.
There are endless possibilities!
During the 7 days every student has the chance to present 2 different human tragedies in clown.
Normally at the end of a course we close with a little presentation open for the public. This always depends on the process and wishes of the group.

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