BONT’S in Murcia/Spain

MAY (18/05-30/05/2020)


Special and Intense Clown Creation Course in Murcia!

From the beginning, Pupaclown and Bont´s International Clownschool, have always been very connected.

Pepa Astillero and Eric de Bont, 2 great pioneers have co-worked in many projects together, side by side.

For BONT´s it is a great honor and pleasure to give a very special course in the beautiful theater of Pupaclown.


A unique and very different course than the Clown Creation Blocks in Menorca


– to be your own creator, authentic and original

– to be e a genius in your creations

– to obtain tools to create, from three different concrete concepts invented and developed by the school

– to stimulate your absurd clown thinking

– to enter in the poetry of the clown, to touch the public deeply in his soul



Monday introduction

2 presentations from the concept CLOWN OBJECTIVE-PROBLEM-SOLUTION

(these are clown anecdotes) Wednesday and Friday

Tuesday and Thursday:

Private Consultations with Eric de Bont, in the consultations you can come with all your ideas, problems, blockages, doubts, questions etc. to get help and guidance in the right path of your creations.

During the whole week,; energy work, clown improvisations, etc.


2 presentations from two different Creation concepts (Wednesday and Friday)

1. work from a theme, where the “clown thinking” enters

2. a Human Tragedy in Clown

Saturday night there is A NIGHT OF CLOWN in the theater for the public of Murcia where each student, who wants to present the best of his work.


This concept is really focused on increasing your Clown thinking.

We will work through a simple structure, but very effective, we do not create complete numbers of clown, but anecdotes of clown. And you don’t have to think about dramaturgy anymore, because the structure already gives that.

1- What is the objective of your clown?

2.-Does a problem appear to accomplish this objective?

3.-Find a clown solution, to achieve your goal, a totally absurd solution, leaving the clown brain with extra-thin pea size, and apart from the absurd, we look for your genius and your originality in this solution.

If, in the future you want to create your own numbers or show, you will find a lot of “objective-problems-solutions” during creation.

It is such a powerful tool.


With this concept we enter phase number 2 of the creation to obtain more tolos.

You are the owner of your own work!

While in the first week we worked with the same formula, in the second week we begin to deepen the creation. You introduce yourself from a topic given by the school.

The themes are very different, surprising and really invite your whole creative being.

In this creation it leads you form a clown anecdote to a clown number.

And here comes the dramaturgy!


This is phase 3 of creation, to really deepen your work.

It has always been one of the focuses in Bont´s pedagogy how to tell your human tragedies large or small in the clown language.

It is a huge challenge in creation. How to transform your personal “tragedies” into anecdotes, numbers or clown shows.

It is an amazing job to train your clown thinking and take your clown to a deeper level., the

poetry quality of your clown grows and you can really touch your audience at the bottom of their heart.

Make the audience laugh and cry, your audience really won’t know whether to laugh or cry, or both together at the same time.

We can look for human tragedies on issues as; death, love, God, sex, loneliness, undervaluation, all kinds of relationships, broken dreams, unfulfilled desires, failures.

Endless possibilities! Everything that is related to life of the human being!

An investigation for people who deeply love the clown, who are not afraid to work on strong issues, who want to create and wantsto put their soul on the stage as transparent and vulnerable as posible, where emotions flow. A work and investigation for explorers in the world of clown!


Coordinator Daniela Maiwald


Course Fee: 800€

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