“Adventures in the Art of Clown” on the magical island of Menorca

Welcome to the great Feast of Failure


BONT´s is a small but professional International Center fully focused and dedicated to the beautiful art of clowning, a place where people from all continents meet, work together, attend classes and develop their own authentic clown and show their work in an atmosphere full of humanity and with a very big heart.

We have discovered a really beautiful site which will be our new working base. An extremely lovely place, surrounded by Nature, with a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere… with many unique places to work. A gift from God!

Bont’s Menorca is now organized as:




(Social and Cultural Association)

Many people go from course to course, but what we’ve noticed in all these years of teaching is that all people have a crying wish deep within their soul … and that wish is that they really want to create! Bont`s offers you a strong, stable platform for this creation process.

Bont’s wants to invite you to be “your own creator” and to give you the tools to make your own creations.

The great challenge of your creation is to go behind the topics and be original, great, authentic and unique…..a genius!

The great challenge to your creativity is delving into various topics and then, with them, be original, ingenious, authentic and unique.

Using his own clown pedagogy and investigations of 35 years, Eric de Bont has developed a simple and effective method that will help you find your own creative source and give expression to everything that you are. Starting with the concept of Clown Laboratory, moving through Clown Creator, profoundly exploring in Clown and Human Tragedies and finally arriving at Your Own Work.

Using the pedagogy you can discover your clown, but you can also develop it through creation.

That is why we are offering this path.

We offer you an innovative method for the Creation Block, the pedagogy. We also offer you a completely new way of studying. You decide on when to come, how long you want to come for (for one week, or up to two or three months) and together with Eric de Bont, you decide on your own path of creation (more detailed information is available in the course content and in the video on this site.)

One of the outstanding innovations of BONT’S is the course of Clown and Human Tragedies. The challenge is; how to tell a human tragedy in the language of the clown and make the audience laugh and cry at the same time, hilarious and poetic.

The first year of Human Tragedies in 2014, was an experience … “words fail me”, and it had a brutal impact on students, teachers and audiences alike.

All these novelties in the pedagogy are there to power your clown thinking and to allow you to go to the depths of “your clown being”. In Bont’s there are no acrobatics or juggling, or makeup, etc … it is really the search for the soul of your clown, his innocence, ingenuity, transparency and deep vulnerability. To show and share all your emotions.

Within the world of Clowns there are many styles, many teachers and so many truths about the Clown.

Participating in the activities of BONT’s means travelling with me and my Clown truths. I want to inspire people who like to be in progress professionally and for those who are crazy about the phenomenon of Clown.

It is not always easy to find your Clown, but it is a very fascinating and captivating process. You have to realize that the Clown is “born” from the moment of greatest despair.

Although many critics despise the Clown and in many countries the phenomenon of Clown is not perceived as art, do not forget that Fellini said:

“The Clowns are the aristocrats of the actors.”

Your clown and your life development as a human being are very connected. These courses are very intense. After 19 years of work and experience, we can truthfully say that there is a before and an after in many aspects of life.

Away from your family, friends, work,, etc., you will have all the time to dedicate to your Clown. In the special atmosphere of Menorca, among a group of people from around the world, you will find the serenity to breathe, assimilate and explore your own Art of Clown.

It may not be quite as easy getting to Menorca as it is to Ibiza, but we can help you find the best way (via our webpage or by email). You should also keep in mind that it is much, much cheaper to rent accommodation on this island.

I am ready to meet you in Menorca and take you to many situations of maximum desperation, in a Great Party of Clown.

Eric de Bont